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Commercial Painting

commercial painting

Commercial Painting

When you hire Finishes By Hahn Painters for commercial painting, you can expect our professional painters to bring the right equipment, do extensive prep work, and to execute the job for impressive results. Further details on these steps include the following:

1. Room Setup

  • move and/or cover furniture
  • remove all fixtures
  • cover floors with wall-to-wall drop cloths

2. Room Preparation

  • scuff or sand surfaces
  • fill holes and cracks
  • caulk gaps in trim
  • seal stains
  • wash surfaces as needed/required

3. Painting

  • prime surfaces as needed
  • apply paint with proper tools and techniques
  • apply straight cut lines between walls and trim
  • area clean up

4. Final Inspection

  • complete and thorough project walk-around with your crew
  • final touch-ups where required
  • area clean up
  • final project walk around ProTect Painters owner